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High SiO2 Ceramic Content %

Fireball Coatings have the highest SiO2 content on the market. Not only are they the highest, but they are a combination of 5 types of Si and SiO2 raw materials (Talon has 6 types). The SiO2 blends vary from one coating to another, providing distinct characteristics of each coating type. These differences provide properties that Excel in various environmental situations such as Chemical, Abrasive, Dirty, Wet and High Temperature environments/applications.


Dual Bonded SiO2 Molecules

Only Fireball coatings have Dual Bonded SiO2 Molecules. The dual bonding creates better coating integrity, surface finish, clarity and depth. Dual bonding also increases micro scratch resistance and allows self-healing properties via the use of a heat gun if required.


Titanium Scratch / UV / Clean

All Fireball coatings have added Titanium. Titanium provides extremely excellent UV Protection for the coated surfaces. Titanium provides extra protection against  micro-scratches and abrasions, as well as providing a reactive surface that helps break down surface contaminants. The Titanium added to our coatings is one of the highest in the market.


Chemical Reaction Hardshell

Unlike any other ceramic coating on the market, Fireball coatings undergo a series of chemical reactions after application. We call this Chemical Reaction Synthesis Hard shell Technology. To put it simply, the coating firstly binds to the surface being coated... after being wiped down by the installer, the coating self levels... then has a final chemical reaction to hard shell the coating from liquid to solid state. This results in higher gloss, better surface integrity, increased hydrophobic, more durability and minimal shrinkage.

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